About Us

You’re Fired, est. 1998

We are a Paint Your Own Pottery Studio located in Uptown Oxford, OH near the campus of beautiful Miami University. Our unique studio offers the perfect place for people of all ages to come together and create!

Our incredibly friendly staff will make you feel at home and help you with your project step by step. It will be easy to see how much we love our job and our community!

We are a great place for birthdays, bridal parties, baby showers, sorority/fraternity events, girl and boy scouts, staff parties, and so much more!

You’re Fired! is the perfect place to make memories with your friends and family!


Meet Lisa


Owner & Operator of You’re Fired!

Favorite Color: Coffee-n-Cream (but she loves all the paint names, especially Buck Naked!)
Favorite Technique: Using Pinterest for inspiration!
Personal Motto: “When people ask why I’m so creative, I tell them it’s because I ate paste as a child.”

About Lisa: I attended Berea College in Kentucky where I met my husband, Brent, of 25 years. Brent can be found at the studio repairing and loading kilns, or teaching at Miami University. We have three almost-grown kids who make us very proud! I had the privilege of being a customer, an employee, and now owner of You’re Fired! and it’s an amazing place to work! I love to create, interact with people, and see people really enjoy themselves in my studio! If you stop by, be sure to say hello!

Our Employees


Favorite Color: Tahiti Teal
Favorite Technique: Using fabric for design inspiration
About Brenna: Brenna enjoys playing piano and singing in her high school choir. She does most of the personalization & lettering on pottery in the shop! She wants everyone to know that her name is Brenna, and NOT BreAnna!


Favorite Color: What a Yolk
Favorite Item to Paint: Vases
About Brittany: Brittany is a Miami Student and LOVES peanut butter and Chick Fila Sauce! Sometimes she like to be a nerd and geocache!


Favorite Color: Tahiti Teal
Favorite Item to Paint: Plates
About Emily: Emily is related to Johnny Cash and Justin Bieber told her that he loved her!


Favorite Color: Tahiti Teal
Favorite Creative Outlet: Oil Painting
About Kennedy: She is a Miami Student and loves to do oil painting! She teaches canvas classes at You’re Fired! Recently she has gone skydiving & she lived in Italy for a summer.


Favorite Color: Wineona
Favorite Item to Paint: Loves painting gifts
About Louise: Fun fact about Louise, she sticks her tongue out when she paints! She moonlights as a high school teacher, too.


Favorite Color: Pool Party
Favorite Item to Paint: Disney Princesses
About Miranda: Miranda is AMAZING at intricate nail art. Also, she loves mermaids.


Favorite Colors: Pool Party and Peach Fuzz
Favorite Item to Paint: Picture Frames
About Moriah: Moriah is a full time obstetric nursing student. She is engaged to a great guy serving in Afghanistan, and planning an outdoor wedding when he returns! If you come to visit, she will be the girl rocking the top knot!


Favorite Colors: Buck Naked
Favorite Thing to Do: Greet people at the door!
About MJ: MJ belongs to our employee Kennedy and will be hanging out with us a lot of Thursdays this summer! So sweet she will melt your heart:)